Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers
Association of Manufacturers of Parts For Auto Rickshaw & Motorcycles
Atlas Honda
Agriauto Industrial Ltd.
Al-Ghazi Tractors Ltd.
Manufacturer of Honda Motorcycles
CD-70, CD-125 (100-CC), CG125 (Deluxe)
Manufacturer of Shock absorbers
Suzuki Cars and Vans, Toyoto Cars
Manufacturer of Tractors
Fiat-640, Fiat 480
Since the establishment of Allied Engineering Works in 1988. It has a clear goal of manufacturing components of finest Quality for OEMs, specially for automotive industries in Pakistan and abroad.

With the help of its dedicated and consistent working style and extremely high quality standards, Allied Engineering has achieved a great success by getting reasonable share of business from OEMs

Now, Allied Engineering is working on the next step of its goal i.e. penetrating into the international market.

Rehan Ahmed
S.M. Amir
Mannan Ahmed