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Leaf Springs of all kind Front Stabilizer Bars Rear Axles
  Axle Housings  
Leaf Spring U-Bolts Pin Springs
Chassis Fuel Tanks Transmission
Crank Cases (Machining) Crank Shaft Gear Shifter
Gear Drum Cylinder 78CC  
RICKSHAW (4-Stroke (CNG)
Leaf Springs Axle Shafts Axle Housings
Brake Drums Propallor Shafts  
Roller Shaft Hydraulic Lift Arm Shaft P.T.O. End Assembly
Lift Rod Assembly Upper and Lower Steering Knuckles RH/LH Lower Links
Tie Rod Small and Large Starting Ring Gear Gear Lever Small and Large
Timing Gears Lever Center Break Bend Clutch Assembly
P.T.O. Shafts Wheel Driven Shafts Fly Wheel
  Rings for Fly Wheel  
Jigs and Fuxtures :
  Speciallity designed Jigs and Fixtures for Individual components (imported and self fabricated)
Atlas Honda
Complete Thread CD-70
Complete Thread CG-125
Complete Thread Delux 125
Complete Thread 100CC
Stem Nut CD-70N
Srem Nut 100-CC
Pipe Steering Head CD-70
Pipe Steering Head CDS-125
Pipe Steering Head Delux 125
Pipe Steering Head 100CC
RR Brake Arm CD-70N
Main Drive (Rare Sprocket)
Front Sprocket 14 Teeth
Main Stand Bolt
Grar Shift Shaft
A-Ghazi Tractors Ltd.
Spacer Cross Shaft L/H
Spacer Cross Shaft R/H
Brake Shaft
Forks of various kinds
Rod Link Assy 480
Rod Link Assy 640
Rod Fork Assy
Agriauto Industries Ltd.
Eye Ring 150 Gabriel Shock Absorbers for Suzuki Car Mehan 800CC
Eye Ring 160 Gabriel Shock Absorbers for Suzuki Car Mehan 800CC
Eye Ring 096 Gabriel Shock Absorbers for Suzuki Car Mehan 1000CC
Eye Ring 180 Volvo Truck
Body Nut 058 Struts Suzuki Bolan 800CC



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